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SATURDAYS About Us & History


It all began a few years before 2016. 

When a pair of coworkers/long-time friends merged two completely different ideas, two entirely unique products, and two contrasting characteristics into a new product, the two envisions a wholesome lifestyle brand. 

In contrast to the differences, SATURDAYS’ wholesomeness was born. 

Both Rama Suparta and Andrew Kandolha were breaking through conventional ophthalmology shopping, where many often wanted to get over with; by giving a laid-back, and revolutionary eyewear shopping experience. The duo were former financiers, and they had been requiring assistance in correcting their eyesights and they were simply not big fans of eyeglasses shopping. When asked, the two admitted that the shopping experience was rather boring then, and they insisted that there should be a more exciting way for it. 

Armed with business experience, a struggle for a seamless and affordable eyewear shopping, and most importantly, the aspiration to revolutionize eyewear shopping, Project Waldo was born. It was initially a not-so-secret project that offered a series of high quality eyeglasses and sunglasses, and soon enough, the specialty coffee shop came into the equation. Project Waldo’s projects are meant to be built on talian acetate, Japanese titanium, and European and Indonesian lenses to make the best eyewear. The moment the duo came up with SATURDAYS, the vision - pun intended, to build SATURDAYS as a reliable, authentic brand was immediately realized. 

SATURDAYS was soon on the right growth track to be what was intended; a wholesome lifestyle experience, which redefines a seamless, and unique eyewear shopping. The brand was meant to invoke emotions, love, and pride; a brainchild of two brilliant minds, as it was a pride for an Indonesian brand with international competence. This means, each SATURDAYS pair was created for everyone, from students, to businesspeople, billionaires, to even politicians, from any part of the world.

SATURDAYS has outlets all over the Greater Jakarta Area, and representatives in cities across Indonesia. The first outlet was established in 2019, and it had developed into four additional stores now with more coming. Each of SATURDAYS stores comes shelves of beautifully designed eyewear, and in another side of every store, a specialty Arabica coffee shop with convenient seating arrangements was ready to serve customers with signature beverages. As a part of SATURDAYS’ seamless shopping experience also provides Home Try-On to select the eyewear they need, free eye test, and free coffee. Additionally, SATURDAYS also incorporates technology into eyewear shopping, including a dedicated application with a Virtual Try-On feature, where users can only try glasses on via the application’s camera. 

Utilizing all these features, SATURDAYS’ aspiration was clear; product excellence and an emotional connection that lasts a lifetime. 


Mission and Vision

Mission: To provide a better vision to shape the world. 

With an attempt to provide eyesight support for almost everyone, including students, educators, and visionaries, SATURDAYS aspires to have different visions to help shape a wholesome world. 


Vision: To inspire confidence by creating authentic, lifestyle eyewear that's affordable and convenient.

SATURDAYS inspires confidence in people who need eyesight assistance, and each of SATURDAYS' pairs has been tailored to make everyone look, and feel good. 


Company Profile:

SATURDAYS is an Indonesian, direct-to-consumer brand that concentrates on making high quality designer eyewear, while also offering specialty Arabica coffee. Positioning itself as a revolutionary brand that offers a different eyewear shopping experience, SATURDAYS assimilates conventionalism with technology in ophthalmology shopping. Each of the SATURDAYS' pairs uses only the best quality materials - depending on the model, some of the materials are Italian acetate, Japanese titanium, and European-made lenses. Each of SATURDAYS’ physical stores comes with a specialty Arabica coffee shop, with only highly experienced baristas and delicious, artisanal cookies. The price point offered is based on IDR1,295,000, a price paid for the authentic concept and high quality products. The highest sits at IDR1,795,000. As a wholesome lifestyle brand which offers a different way of shopping, SATURDAYS redefines fun and exciting eyewear shopping as a SATURDAYS experience.

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